African Lounge

Working alongside Natasha Sideris, CEO of Tashas Group and Verhaal, the interior architecture firm, we were tasked to create an identity for this new glamorous, quirky, playful concept. The identity needed to complement the plush cocooning interior, and exterior spaces which evoke the feeling of being in a tented safari camp in the heart of Africa as well as the refined food and beverage offering.


The design challenge was to elevate the concept’s playful side while complimenting the space’s luxurious, lush, and layered feeling of an African-tented safari camp. We felt that the brand design had the opportunity to breathe even more life into the concept with an African sensibility that felt quirky yet authentic with an elegant design sensibility.


The result is an identity that speaks to the elegance of the space while the colour palette, animal renders and watercolours create a beautiful juxtaposition with patterns and textures that bring the brand to life. The menus, packaging, embroidered napkins and uniforms, coasters, social media, as well as the website, embody the essence of what African Lounge stands for.