Le Parc

The brief for the project was to take the existing brand identity that had been created many years before, rebrand and amplify it for a brand new concept. The original “Parisian-inspired” café was very understated and the new look and feel for the space was vibrant and colourful.
The design challenge was to retain the familiarity that guests had come to know yet visually communicate a very different look and feel for this entirely new concept for Tashas Group. The brand identity had to translate across signage, packaging, product, stationery, menus, social media as well as the website. We also changed the name from tashas Le Parc to Le Parc by tashas to delineate it as a new restaurant brand moving it away from the group’s other tashas locations.
The result is a brand identity that compliments the whimsical space. By introducing watercolours as brand elements we created a feminine, soft touch adding red as the primary colour as a strong contrast. We retained the essence of the original identity and created one that was familiar yet strikingly different at the same time.


Client: Le Parc
Project: Branding, Social Media, Conceptualisation