Avli is a place inspired by the rustic ’courtyards’ of the Mediterranean, where friends become family, food an occassion and moments a celebration.

Avli is created with heart, authenticity and simple beauty where the sun greets the Aegean Sea. This is reflected in our colour palette. Blue and Orange.

We took our inspiration from the Cycladic Arts and the Avli horse is a symbol of power and strength.

We were inspired by the resilient culture of the Greek capital, Athens, a sophisticated city with a soulful spirit, rich in arts and culture.

In the research stages, we embarked on field trips with Natasha to Athens, to capture some of the ENERGY that vibrates from every chiselled piece of marble. The result is a refined space that honours Greek food, history and craft, telegraphing Natasha’s own passion for the country, its Cycladic art and the simplicity of its lifestyle.



Client: Avli
Project: Branding, Social Media, Conceptualisation